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Currently, just one in three eligible children can find a spot in public programs. Almost a third of those left out every year live in L.A. County — more in a single ZIP Code in South L.A. than anywhere else in the state. The Master Plan would extend free public preschool to every qualified 3-year-old in the state and make transitional kindergarten universal for every 4-year-old. But even with federal help, such a dramatic expansion would take years. With reduced capacity and soaring expenses, many providers have dipped into their savings to stay open, and thousands of others have closed. “They’re looking for some form of hope,” Arias said. “The parents who are relying on them are the parents who have to go to work — a lot of them are healthcare workers. You can just imagine the pressure.” An October survey showed that 61% of providers would actually expand if they had help from the state. But like everything else in the plan, that help would have a hefty price tag.